Homestay Vietnam for Tourist with Beautiful Vietnamese Girl

Knowledge of Vietnamese culture, history, daily life

The arrival of “homestay” originates from tourists’ desire to approach and promote their knowledge of Vietnamese culture, history, daily life, people, and cuisine. Far different from holiday tourism which provides tourists with high-quality hotels; with “homestay” service, tourists will stay at home of local people so that they can together with the host take part in daily activities from drinking and eating to amusement activities.
Homestay Vietnam
The design of tours mainly depends on the different purposes of tourists. In fact, almost all the tourists choose a package tour including three services of eating, staying and playing. The reason is that objects of this kind of tourism have the eagerness to learn about their destinations as much as possible.

“Homestay” has been increasingly expanding

Homestay Vietnam
Homestay Vietnam

Recently, the form of “homestay” has been increasingly expanding in some regions such as Sapa (Lao Cai), Mai Chau (Hoa Binh) and Hoian (Quang Nam) and brought considerable benefits to the tourism sector. In reality, in Spa, quite a few ethnic people in Ta Van, Ta Phin, Cat Cat and Lao Chai have become experienced guides. The majority of foreign tourists seems to be interested in the daily work of the locals; for example, making brocade, cooking, weaving, etc. Many of the locals are able to communicate with foreign tourists in foreign languages, which help tourists more easily explore daily life in the region.

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