A Geological Website has launched

It has been launched a new site for you about all the latest research on science, especially the evolution of earth and paleo events like the mass extinction.

1.Geology and Mass Extinction:

The earth History is very much complicated and interesting. Still, geologist discovering the true fact of the past history of the earth. You will get the latest theory, hypothesis, and finding of new research of Earth science here. The mass extinction is very interesting nowadays because of the Sixth mass extinction of going on! All the past 5 mass extinction will be covered very details here.

2. Hazard and Disaster:

The hazard and disaster caused by the geological events are published here routinely like flood tsunami etc. Disaster is the most important we need to know the science behind this to reduce the damage. Here I will provide the science behind the earthquake and tsunami, Landslides, cyclone, etc.

The Blog is covered by the contents of entertainments, fun and sports of home and abroad. The world is growing with new technologies. The latest invention of technology sector will be published here.

3. Health and Beauty:

We should prepare for the unwanted disaster for every sector. Here, we will publish new idea and prevention techniques for any disaster for both the civil people and students.

4. Job and Career;

To know how to get a scholarship to study abroad. The available sites or links are added to the site so that you can get the step by step knowledge to apply for the higher study in abroad.

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