Define Rocks and Minerals


Minerals is a naturally occurring Chemical compound of a crystalline form, it has a definite chemical composition and specific characteristics to differentiate from other minerals. Whereas rocks are an aggregate of minerals without any specific chemical compositions. Minerals are of chemical origin not from the biological sources. Like, Calcite is an example of minerals. Limestone is a rock composed of calcite, dolomite, etc.


A rock is a solid and naturally occurring material which is composed of minerals.

Rocks are mainly 3 classes

  1. Sedimentary Rocks
  2. Metamorphic Rocks
  3. Igneous Rocks


Sedimentary Rocks are classified as;

a) Limestone

b) Shale

c) Mudstone

d) Silt Stone

f) Sandstone, etc

Metamorphic Rocks are classified as;

a) Slate

b) Schist

c) Gneiss

d) Marble

f) Quartzite, etc.

Igneous Rocks are Classified as;

a) Granite

b) Basalt

c) Gabbro

d) Kimberlite

f) Andesite, etc

Fig. Sedimentary Rock, Greywacke

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