Permian Triassic Mass Extinction or Great Dying Events

Permian Extinction:

It is known as the Great Dying events in the earth history. It happened in 251.94 Ma ago. More than 90% of all marine species and 70% of the land creature had been eliminated through the world. There are many hypotheses about this event to cause.

Permian Lived animals named  Dinogorgon, from South Africa

The ocean anoxic events; 

The anoxia is one of the oxygen deficiency conditions of the ocean. Due to excess amount of the oxygen consumption by the bacteria or some other organism makes the ocean water anoxic. A sulfur-induced redox reaction is another cause of the anoxic ocean. This anoxic ocean water was the threatening for the ocean creature and the small and large animals were died out during the Permian Triassic mass extinction.

Soil Erosion Events;

Due to forest fire, a huge amount of terrestrial soil input in the ocean makes the high amount of the primary production. The nutrient input from the soil makes the ocean water highly nutrient and produce a high amount of primary producers like Phytoplankton and other microorganisms. This Primary production makes the ocean water anoxic.

Global Warming events;

Scientists believe that the Permian Triassic amass extinction was due to the global warming. The relation between the global warming and the volcanic eruption has a link. If the volcano erupts then the huge amount of the CO2 makes the globe warm.

Siberian Traps;

The Siberian volcano had a huge eruption and it has a 4 km thick lava, called Siberian Traps, Renne, measured the age of the trap rocks and a rock of the Permian time from China. He found a 100000 years gap between these two. Scientists discovered the cause of the extinction of with relation to the Siberian Traps. actually, a volcano was not the cause but the impact was the cause of the extinction. When the volcano erupts the huge amount of the CO2, SO2, and soot emit in the atmosphere.  The SO2 and soot causes the acid rain, the sunlight block and decreases the temperature. The cooling temperature initiates the formation of the glaciation and result of the shallow sea and lowering the diversity of the marine creatures. The shallow sea also releases the ocean methane which causes the greenhouse effect and increases the global temperature.

Geologist and Paleontologist Believe that the Permian Triassic Mass extinction was not a cause of a single event rather multiple events together or simultaneously happened.

The survivors of the great dying are the today’s creatures. Death creates opportunities. Hence, Survivors occupy the places.

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