Save your Kids from the deadly Blue Whale game

Blue Whale Game is really a Deadly Game!

The last task to win the game challenge is Suicide!! So, Don`t allow the kids to play any game or download any game to the smartphone.

Teenage boys or girls are addicting much nowadays. The started in Russia. Finally, the game inventor, a young boy, is accused and arrested and sent to prison. The game starts with a sign-up and agrees to complete the 50 tasks. Its the challenge of the game. The final task is suicide.
Among the 50 task, some are asked to cut the arm with blade or needle. The symptom of the gamer who is addicted to the game are;
1. Wake up at every day 4.20 am and get a call from game admin
2. Watch the horror movie

3. Posting some unusual photos or message in the Social media.
So, Be aware of the game and take care your baby and give more time to your baby and teenage boys and girls. Because they are most sensitive to the game.
The aim of the game is basically to convert the gamer to suicide. Because the Game developer thought that the society is going to fill up with the biological garbage like we, those who are mentally depressed. So the mentally depressed people are affected sooner. The Blue whale game task will gradually wash your brain and keep the gamer out of the society with this 50 day game period. The game has 50 days task with the final day “kill yourself” by falling from a high stored building or “go to rails at 4.20 am” etc.
The final social media post will be “End” at the last task before Suicide.
The “Curator” is the game controller to whom the gamer has to send the photos or report of the task. The gamer has to accept the agreement that he (the gamer) will be treated as a “Whale”

Here is the list of Challenges of the Blue Whale game for the gamer to do the 50 tasks are;

  1. Carve with a razor “f57” on your hand send a photo to the curator

  2. wake up at 4.20 am watch a psychedelic and scary video  that curator sends you
  3. Cut your arm with a razor along your veins, but not too deep only 3 cuts, send a photo to the curator.
  4. Draw a whale on a sheet of paper send a photo to the curator
  5. If you are ready to become a whale curve “yes” on your leg. If not, cut yourself as many time (punish yourself)
  6. The task with a cipher
  7. Curve “f40” on your arm, send a photo to the curator
  8. Type “I am a whale” in your VKontakte status
  9. You have to overcome your fear.
  10. Wake up at 4.20 am and go to the roof (the higher the better)
  11. Curve a whale on your hand with a razor, send a photo to the curator
  12. watch a psychedelic and horror movie all day
  13. listen to ti music that they send to you
  14. cut your lip
  15. poke your hand with a needle many times
  16. Do something painfull  make yourself sick
  17. Go to the highest roof you can find, stand on the edge for some time
  18. Go to the bridge, stand on the edge
  19. Climb up a crane or at least try to do it
  20. The curator checks if you are trustworthy
  21. Have a talk with a whale (or with another whale or the curator) in skype
  22. Go to a roof sit on the edge with your leg dancing
  23. another task with a cipher
  24.  secret tasks
  25. have a meeting with a whale
  26. The curator tells you the date of your death and you have to accept it
  27. Wake up at 4.20 am and go to rails (Visit any railroad you can find)
  28. Don’t talk to anyone all day
  29. Make a vow that you are a whale
  30. Every day you wake up at 4.20 am, watch a horror movie, listen to music that sends curator to you, makes 1 cut on your hand every day, talks to the curator
  31. Do that task up to 49th days

50. Jump off a high building, Take your life.

Video of Blue Whale Game;


So, This is so terrible even for Bangladesh because Bangladeshis growing digitally. So, please beware of that and take care your young kids.
The game is controlled by a social media named, “VK” similar looking as facebook blue color.
The most worrying is that the theme is copied by other developers so, still, they can develop the same type of deadly game with this deadly idea.
The Blue Whale game can be found in many different names like the
 1.”Blue Whale”
2) A Silent House
3) A Sea of Whales
4) Wake me up at 4:20

Bangladesh is growing in Digital sector so, Blue whale game in Bangladesh is increasing day by day. Last few days ago, One teen girl committed a suicide to due Blue whale game addiction. 
Need more awareness among the young generation and parents. 

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