The Sixth Mass Extinction has Already Begun?

We have huge evidence that there are 5 mass extinctions so far in the earth history. They are

  1. Late Ordovician Mass extinction
  2. Late Devonian Mass Extinction
  3. Permian Triassic Mass Extinction
  4. Triassic Jurassic Mass Extinction
  5. Cretaceous Paleogene Mass Extinction

So Now Can we add one more Mass Extension in the extinction Lists??

Is there any evidence in the today’s world that the 6th Mass Extinction already Began

The scientist is working on that and here we show some Extinct animal from this world!

Already Extinct; Tasmanian Tiger (Graphics image)

Extinct; California Golden BearThe Great Ank

Passenger Pigeon

Tasmanian Tiger

Pinta Island Tortoise

The Golden Toad and so on already dead and no more in the earth living world.

The today’s world is going to the Mass extinction as like the 5 mass extinction already happened in the earth history from 500 Ma years ago.
As the extinction occurred very very slowly with the geological time, so we even cannot recognize instantly. But very careful observation of the recent earth animal we can count the extinct animal from the world.
The greenhouse effect, the artificial carbon emission, urbanization, and industrialization are the causes of the recent trend to go the

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