Priority Segmentation Rules for Happy Lifestyle

New Idea for the Happy Life “The Priority Segmentation Rules”

Every day, we are facing many problems in our conjugal life even personal life. I have found a new idea to solve those problems from our lives and we can lead a happy peaceful life all over the lifespan. But how do we get a happy life? right? Here are simple tips and the name of the idea is “Priority’s Segmentation Rules”
Let’s discuss some example one by one. The Priority Segmentation Rules is applicable to all lifestyle and gender to be happy, like for a student life, for an unemployment life, for a conjugal lifestyle, for a businessman, for researchers and so on.

Priority Segmentation for the Single Person:

We have to segments our priority based on who we are and what are our roles should be in our life? Suppose, students main responsibility or role is to

(a) Study attentively

(b) Behave in society as everyone is his/her friend, he or she can be a good, kind and helpful person to everyone

(c) To take care of his/her percents.

Those three tasks only. She or he should focus on that three a, b, c segmentation every time. The number of segmentation depends on the individual’s personality and their role or aim in life. Because there is freedom for making segmentation. The main purpose of making segmentation is to perform the important job more efficiently to get success. You have to decide which jobs are more important for you and according to that, you will make segmentation and perform your segmented priority job nicely. Others are not so important to make his/ her life successful.

Another example of a single person; Suppose you are living alone and you have a job and you are not a student then what would be your priority segmentation? OK. In that case, priority segmentation may be (though it depends on your personality and priority of roles)

(a) Focus on your job duties

(b) Be a friend to all people

(c) Take care of patients and so on.

Priority Segmentation for the Family Members:

The family is much more complicated in our life. If you have a family and kids then you have to manage many things in your life to be a successful person in your life and get happy. So, for the family members, these Priority segmentation rules are so effective to be happy and successful.
Let’s discuss, how we can make priority segmentation for the family member.
If you are a researcher and you have kids and your wife is living with you the main priority of you would be

(a) Do research on your research topics
(b) Take care of your wife
(c) Take care of your kids
(d) Be a friend to the rest of the world.

The priority segmentation depends on your personality and goal of life you wish to be. But before that, you have to nicely segmented for performing job very effectively.
Now, if you are a company SEO, then the main segmentation must include taking care of your own company, wife, kids, friends, etc. Priority Segmentation is a completely new idea and you can apply to your life. I wish you will be happy in life. If any suggestion or idea lets share together.

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