Goldfish in your house; Full Guide


If you Keep Gold Fish it’s really Nice. But for the beginner, you have to care about some of the basic things so that your passionate Gold Fish is safe and healthy. Usually, your fish can live at least 2 years in the small house tank. Goldfish is longer survival fish among other small fish as for the Keeping and very attractive to look at.

Some mistake makes your passionate Fish to death. So don’t do the mistakes as a beginner;

Mistake No 1:
Don’t use tap water just after collecting from the tap to add in the tank because it contains Cl (Chlorine). Because too much Cl is bad for fish health and your fish will die. So to avoid Cl problem just keep the water and store it for one day and Cl will evaporate and bad bacteria still will not grow up then use that water.

Mistake No 2: 
Discard or change the tank water every 7 days and before discarding you have to be careful not to discard all water. Only 2/3 of the water should be discarded because the ecological balance will not be disturbed if you discard 2/3 of the tank water. To maintain the tank existing ecology is very important for your fish life.

Mistake No 3:
Don’t add too much fish food because it will make toxic for them and they will die. Just add 1 or 2 pieces of fish food in the tank every day.

Mistake No 4:
Don’t use too much rock gains, add just 1/3 of the water height is good for the fish to maintain the clear water for a single goldfish. The purpose of the Rock Grain is to filter the wastes produced by the fish excreta. If you use oxygen pipe then,  just set the pipe below the rock grain layer and attached to the tank floor.

Mistake No 5:
Don’t keep too many fish in a small size tank. Like, for a 10 inch/ 8 inch/ 6-inch tank, 1-3 fish is enough to keep in a healthy ecological balance for the fish.

For the healthy goldfish, you have to take care every day. Goldfish in the tank is very passionate and hobby for you. Keeping goldfish has some benefits for the people like Gold Fish is your best friend as they are the best listener for you. You can talk with your cute Goldfish alone. It will soften your heart and make you kind of all living things even in the small creature in the world. Your friends will recognize your soft heart inside you. It makes you happy and gives you peace when you watch and feed them.

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