The Best Outdoor Camping Food

Camping is one of the most recreation activities in the new world. Nowadays, camping gradually become popular. Camping is living outdoor for the overnight with some friends, family members, or in a group of people. There are many types of camping like adventure, bicycle, dry, canoe, survival, winter etc camping. The food, safety, and the fire are the most important things of any camping. During the camping, you should bring some stuff like a portable oven, stand, lighter, tent etc. The camping will be most enjoyable if it is handmade, food can be shared with each other. Private camping is also very recreation with friends in a rural location away from to cities for a night. Preparing food is one of the challengings for the private camping also it’s an enjoyment to everyone. The right selection of food for a private camping might be one of the best foods. The name of the food is Dutch Oven Bread. It’s very easy to prepare than you think. The food will be prepared in old style in a wood fire over. It’s, of course, expensive food in the traditional restaurant. So, why not you start to prepare the hot Dutch Oven Bread during your private camping.

How to make Dutch Oven Bread in the private camping;

The ingredients of the Dutch Oven Bread to make are;

3 and a half cup of bread flour, 2 spoons of NON-IODIZED kosher salt, 1/4 cups active dry yeast, mix all the above things in a pan, add 1 and a half cup filtered water not tap water. Then add oil, start kneading 5-10 mins until it becomes classic dough. Now, place in baking parchments or base pebbled to stop base of bread to burn and get a fire. Now, keep the pot well above of the fire to keep it warmed. Now after an hour of cooking open the lid and cut the bread into slices. Now, put some coal on the lid of the pot and continue to cooking. And after sometimes stop the cooking and open the lid and taste the Dutch Oven bread in the open camp place with your friends.

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