Celebration of Marriage Anniversary in Japan.

Japan is the most beautiful country. Here the beautiful couple can come to celebrate their marriage ceremony and make it remarkable in their life. ‘We have celebrated our 8th Marriage anniversary on 29 Nov. 2017′   –Srabonti said

Young Lady, Srabonti Biswas, Bangladesh

Why is Japan best for the celebration of marriage anniversary?

  1. Japan is the country of beauty and nature. Japanese people love to keep clean and healthy. In Japan, there are many beautiful locations to visit with beloved. The best place is in the Tohoku region, Miyagi prefecture. Here, a very beautiful and attractive location makes you the enjoyments as like as you are on the first day of your marriage.
  2. Attractive hotel service and foods in the Sendai region are very cheap. The Japanese food is world famous and delicious especially Sushi, Salmon, Tuna, Beef tung (Giutang) etc.

  3. Diverse type of hard drink and soft drink, Local sake can make you refresh if you take a limited amount. You will feel relaxed.
  4. Gold in Japan is a cheap and huge variety of design. You can visit some recycled jewelry shop like Book Off, Hard Off, Mood off, Clis Road in Sendai, You can get very cheap and nice almost unused jewelry, like a necklace, bracelet, rings.
  5. Hot spring is another most important place to be relaxed with your beloved, In the Hot spring especially in winter is the best time to visit. They have a couple private bath where you can take a shower only both of you. In the Hot spring, you can not wear any cloth or a dress. It is prohibited to use and cloth and use any towel there. The couple can enjoy as much as they can. The fee is 1000-3000 Japanese yen. In Japan, Most of the big restaurant has an Onsen (hot spring).
  6. The beauty of Japan will make you lifelong happy and it will make your spouse happy.

Bangladeshi happy couple first time celebrated their 8th marriage anniversary in Sendai, Japan.  They celebrated the anniversary in a house with some Japanese and Bangladeshi friends and took dinner. Next day they went to Onsen to make it remarkable in their life. Miyagi Prefecture is the best to visit the Onsen.

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