The Beauty of the Geyser; An Attractive Geological Feature

 Define Geysers.

Geysers are a geological feature caused by a hot magma beneath the ground, which erupts the huge amount of the hot water or steam in the ground.

The geyser also called the spring, which intermittently erupts the hot steam.


To form a Geyser, The following thing much need-
1. The hot rock beneath the ground
2. Sources of water
3. Reservoir
4. Fissure to erupt the hot water from the subsurface

The most geysers are located in the United States, Yellowstone National Park. More than 50% of the world total Geyser is located in Yellowstone. Only Five countries have the Water Geyser in the world.
1. The United States
2. Russia
3. Newzealand
4. Iceland
5. Chile

How Geyer Formed?

The geyser is only of the most attractive Geological feature; when cool water percolates beneath the ground it traps over the hot rock below the ground and if sufficient amount of fissure available to ejected out the superheated water as like as an intermittent spring, called a Geyser. The world tallest active and best geyser is the Steamboat from the Yellowstone, California, USA. It reached up 400 ft in the air.

Steamboat Geyser, World Tallest Geyser, USA


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