One of the Biggest Diamond Has Been Discovered in Lesotho Diamond Mine, Africa

One of the Fifth Biggest Diamond so far in the world has been discovered. A 910-Carat diamond has been discovered in the Lesotho diamond mine in Africa. This giant diamond needs to cut and polished to use for the commercial purpose. In 2006, 603-Carat diamond named ‘Lesotho Promise’ was discovered from the same mine.

Lesotho Diamond 910 Carat

910-Carat Diamond from Lesotho, Africa


How this big Diamond Formed?

Diamond usually form in the Kimberlite rock below the ground. At the depth of >200 km and the pressure of 75000 pounds/sq inch and Temp of 1200 degree Celsius need to form a Diamond. When this requirement is available then need to eject out rapidly by the rapid volcanic eruption to the surface to cool down rapidly to remain the diamond structure as it was in the subsurface.

Where is the source rock for the Diamond?

Kimberlite is the diamond source for the formation of diamond. Kimberlite is the special type of the igneous rock to form a diamond in the mantle of the earth at a depth of >200 km. Sometimes at the surface like in the placer deposits, diamond can be found.

List of Biggest Diamond in the world;

Biggest Diamond is attractive for all. here is the list of the Biggest diamond in the world. the largest Diamond can be found rarely on the earth. Its a matter of time to discover.  The Uncut Biggest Diamond is the rare scene for all even diamond miner.
Everyone wants to buy large diamond rings. So, They can say and this is the biggest diamond ring in the world. However, Here is the list and country name for the Biggest diamond in the world.

List of the Largest Diamonds In the World
Name Carats (rough) Carats (after cut)
The Cullinan IX 3106,75 4,39
The Nameless 1000 489,07
The Excelsior I 995,20 69,68 (original stone was cut into 21 gems)
Star of Sierra Leone
53,96 (original stone was cut into 17 gems)
not yet cut
Kimberlite Rocks Contains Diamond


Diamond Distribution



Kimberlite Pipe


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