How to get Scholarship in Japan

Getting scholarships in Japan is not really difficult? But some tips will help you to find the best scholarship in Japan. Many Japanese Universities are looking for good researchers. You can apply to those universities. Japan is really a good country to study because they aren’t waste time with work or study. If you want to discover or want to become a reputed researcher then only study in Japanese university can full fill your dream. Of course, there are reasons to tell that.
Researchers from the developing countries they have huge potential but only need high tech laboratory and good academic environments. Japan are safe countries in the world for a living, no theft, no gambling’s, no robbery, no violence, very good health policies, etc. So, Japan is best for the study.

How to get scholarships in Japan to study.

So let’s find what’s are the tips.
Manage a supervisor and get his consent to apply for the scholarship and study under his supervision for the website of a reputed University in Japan who are offering a scholarship for the foreign student

  1. Enroll in a program or a specific discipline you looking for in that university
  2. Follow the instructions on the website for the application of the scholarship

Many programs have the funding program inside the host program like IGPAS program of the Tohoku University. If you apply the IGPAS (international graduate program for applied science) it has built-in MEXT scholarship program. No need to apply separately for the funding for your study.

MEXT scholarship
MEXT Scholarship Holder

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