What causes problem living in Japan

Japan is said to be the best country in the worlds to live. Japan life is really good but some things you have to aware about careful and to live in Japan without making any problems.
Bellow, I have listed out some of the most important things that make your Japan life unhappy if you care less about those things. Most of the problem like listed in a blacklist by the credit card company and other issues will come if you don’t follow the rules in your Japan life.

Pay the bills every month of each even it has some flexibility to pay later

Because it will go on you just after someday when you have to pay. In Japan usually, the company don’t give you urgent notice to pay and they usually believe you very much that you will be on time for the bill payment. Suppose if you don’t pay the utilities 3 consecutive months the 4th month 1 st day your facilities will be cut off. Then you have called them or go to the office. The will cut off the gas line, electrical line or phone connection, even internet it is obvious.

Never park your bicycles car or bike in a non-parking area and Never drive without a driving license.

Because the police will notice you very soon it’s obvious and they will fine you for the illegal parking. Like for car parking violation you have to charge 10000 Japanese yen, for motorbike 10000 Japanese yen, and for bicycles 3000- 4000 Japanese yen. It’s obvious. In Japan, traffic is so alert because here the amount of vehicle in the road is too many and traffic also very good no traffic jam on the road and very safe even for the babies on the road. Babies can go to school alone even though the high road.


Never fall in a Black List to the Credit Company;

If you make delay the credit bill they will list you in the Blacklist. You can not get a credit card again. If you don’t have a credit card you can not buy any smartphone, PC, other convenient stuff. Those will make you measurable life here in Japan.

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