Kratom is Banned in the United States.


Can historical medicine be banned in a day? We are going in such a society, they are trying to ban the useful medicine from the planet! Yes, we are talking about Kratom the recent hot topics in the United States. Some States in the USA are fighting to get the Legal status of kratom.  Kratom is a substance naturally obtain from a tree (Mitragyna species) same as coffee plants which are produced in Southeast Asia, like Malaysia, Indochina. 

Usefulness of Kratom;

In recent year, research shows that kratom has antidepressant activity and improve the mood. It works as like as opiates with the same benefits. It is widely used for relieving chronic pain, anxiety. It also improves the mental depression and overcomes the addiction. For the low dose it can be used as a drug for that treatment but in a higher dose, it acts as an opioid. It also can be used as a treatment for the fever, diarrhea, and cough. Kratom has a short-acting sedative action but no over-dose death has been reported so far.

Activity for the Banning the kratom from the United States;

Kratom organization in the USA reported that it is an opiate but not a drug, it’s a synthetic product. The organization said on their homepage that, Kratom is safe herbal supplements as a similar to the coffee and tea.

Intake Methods of Kratom;

How to use Kratom? It’s very similar to the usual tea or coffee preparation. Kratom powder is prepared from its leaves when it is taken in a warm water as like a coffee. A consumer reported that It has mild side effects and some withdrawal effects.

Legal status of kratom by the state;

Though it has some clear medical usefulness the lawmakers still want to make it prohibited substances to use. But the alcohol and the other dangerous substances are still openly used. Most recently banned states in the United States in Arkansas. On the other hand, North Carolina and New York are the two most recent approved states to use kratom. Now, 44 states in the United States can use the kratom and get benefit from the natural herbal herbs. Only six States are Banned so far, they are, Arkansas, Vermont, Indiana, Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Alabama. There are many lawmakers in this six states they try to ban this substance through the planet.

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