What does Geologist Study?

Geology is the vast area to know. The geologist can explore the earth history and can explore the energy reservoir. The gold, diamond and other mineral resources can be explored by the geologist.

How to become a geologist?

Well. first, in your high school get a good result then admit the earth science discipline and get a degree.

The geology includes the following area.

Basic Geology
Geological feature
Geological time scale
Plate Tectonics
Minerals and rocks
Rock cycle
Sedimentary Rocks
Igneous Rocks
Metamorphic Rocks
Geological features
Weathering and erosions
Wilson cycle
Weathering Process
Principle of geology
Fossil and index fossils
Geochemical Study of Biomarker
Petroleum and coal formation Basics
Geological hazards
Earthquake Basics
Tsunami Basics
Mass extinction causes and effects
Earth history
Field study



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