How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

How We Can Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Some Valentine’s Day comes with special events. Like this year. We have nothing in the house for this special day. Suddenly I thought about what I should do for my beloved. Because she loves me much. When I went out of home today early morning she was angry due to heavy snow. She had to go to her job by walking. I could not do anything. So I also was thinking about what the special I can bring for her.

In the evening I have an idea that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.  Suddenly I search online what the special gift I can buy for her now? Then went to the gift shop and asked the Clark what the special for this valentines? Then she (the Clark) said some gift box is there, only box, not a gift inside? I thought that is not bad. I made a special gift with that, I put some yen, 10000 yen in the nest of a bird in that special gift box. I hide the money in that way so that she can not find out so quickly.
After returning home we took a bath and said I have a special surprise for you!

When she opened it she was so happy and in return, she gave me Valentine’s gift worth 50000 yen!

5 Times more than me!
I could not make her surprised!, But I was made surprised by her!
If someone’s love exceeds and reached the peak and says “I will lay down my head on your feet”. In response to what I should say? LOVE YOU TOO! Only !!!!
Happy Valentines Day!!!!!

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