Biomarkers Guide 1&2 Free Download and Geological Books

Biomarkers guide Volume 1 and 2 are the most important Book for the study of the petroleum source rocks and exploration.

It has wide coverage of the identification techniques of the paleoenvironments and the earth event. Those who want to study petroleum exploration and to explore the mass extinction they need to study the Biomarkers Guide Volume 1 and 2. The details topics of the geochemical fossils and how to form a geochemical fossil (Biomarker) in the sediments after some diagenetic process. After reading this book you will be skilled and expert on the Biomarkers field of study. The Details Gas chromatography and Mass spectrometry are another interesting topics in this book.

Click the Links and Get Your Most Desirable Book. It’s Completly Free PDF Version. The most important Books are not only the following but many more. Biomarker  Guide is one of the best for the geochemical research. Download from here.

List Of Biomarkers Guide Volume 1 and 2 Download From Bellow;

Biomarker GuideBiomarker Guide

The other geological books you can download (Click This Link)

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Structural Geology



Principles of Geology

Biomarker Guide Volume 1

Biomarker Guide Volume 2

Natural Disaster



Environmental Geology

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