Why does the Fuego Volcano in Guatemala erupts? Located on the Ring of Fire!

People affected by the Eruption;

Fuego active volcano was erupted and killed more than 65 people living around the Fuego volcano in Guatemala. The total residence was around 2000 and when it erupts the people were rushing to a safe place. The emergency communication between the affected people and the Govt agency was weak and misinformative as the affected people don’t get the proper emergency call so they don’t go to the safe place immediately. The pyroclastic lave was as fast as 50miles/hrs. Hence, They were engulfed by the glass, toxic smoke, and volcanic ash.

Location of Fuego Volcano and latest eruption;

Fuego volcano was the most active volcano in Guatemala. More than 15 active volcanoes are there in Guatemala. Some volcano erupts pyroclastic ash and dust some are only hot water. Last, in 2019, the Fuego volcano erupted.

The Fuego volcano located in 27 southwest of the capital Guatemala. The Fuego active volcano was located on the worlds most earthquake-prone subduction plate boundary called “The Ring of Fire”. Fuego in Guatemala is the most active volcano in Latin America. On the Ring of Fire, the around the Fuego active volcano, several active tectonic plates rub against each other and creating an intense earthquake and volcanic eruption.

3763 m high Fuego volcano erupted 60 times since 1524, then it was called the most active and devastating volcano in Central America.

The pyroclastic flow was the devastating mixed with toxic gas within it. Last 4 June 2018, Fuego active volcano erupts and releases huge pyroclastic debris and people died by the suffocation trapped in it.

Tectonic Setting of Fuego Volcano;

In the tectonic setting of the around the Fuego volcano in Guatemala, Cocos plate subducts beneath the Caribbean plates and produces huge Central American arc.

Tectonic Setting of Fuego active volcano in Guatemala. The image is Modified from Duffield and others (1989).

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