What is Lava Boat?

Lava Boat;

According to the USGS (United States Geological Survey), the lava boat is a huge chunk of land or Island or hundreds of pieces of rocks that had a lave flowed it around through a lava river. The lava boat can be varied in size like 20ft by 20ft or bigger and the size depends on the mechanism by which the size of the rocks of broken and flowed it through the lava river. The lava boat is really a unique geological feature. It is called the beauty of danger of the earth. A lava boat is flowing through a lava river it will thrill you and at the same time, it makes the interest how this amusing feature formed in the earth surface.

When a volcano starts to erupt then lava can flow from the fissure and then the lava river can form if the volcano has a sufficient inclination to and enough lava to flow through. Not all the time “Lava Boat” will appear, it depends on the size of rocks will flow through the lava river.

The best example of the lava river, lava boat can be seen on the island of Hawaii.

The Ocean Entry;

Ocean entry is another phenomenon of the earth mystery. When the ocean interact with the active volcano and the direct lava enters the sea water then this phenomenon is called the ocean entry.

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