More than 70% animal Will extinct within 500 Years from the recent world: The Sixth Mass Extinction


According to paleontologist mass extinction is defined as the time when the earth losses more than three-quarters of its species in a short geological interval of time. Mass extinction happened 5 times in the history of the earth so far. Until today five big mass extinction has occurred. Paleontologist, geologist, and biologist cum geologist explore that the recent mass extinction has already started is called the sixth mass extinction. The Sixth Mass Extinction is so important to know not to extinct ourselves like a dinosaur. The human being can be extinction soon if the recent trend continues. Need more care for the bio-conservation to prevent the upcoming sixth mass extinction.



If the biodiversity and the natural extinction are same rates then no problem at all. Usually, it takes several million years to evolve a new species. Four billion species has been estimated so far that has evolved on the earth over the last 3.5 billion years range and 99% has gone. Its shows extinction are so normal process. The recent sixth mass extinction rate is more than the previous five mass extinction. The scientist has enough record to prove that. They have found some evidence and compare with the past 5 big mass extinction which indicates the higher rate of sixth mass extinction.

The scientist compares with the previous fossil record and modern data until 2010 and other study results have been counted to confirm that current extinction rate is higher than would be expected from the fossil record.

Fig; The black icon indicates the animal extinct and endangered in the sixth extinction and yellow icon is the extinction animal in the past 5 mass extinction event. Credit; Nature

The big five mass extinction is as follows

  1. The end of Ordovician
  2. Devonian
  3. Permian
  4. Triassic
  5. Cretaceous.

The recent trend and the characteristics of the sixth mass extinction are completely different than the previous five mass extinction event.

Who will Extinct?

The recent study categorize all the living things those are going to extinct are divided into three different categories

  1. Already Extinct
  2. Critically Endangered
  3. Threatened

The mammals like giant elephant, some birds, reptilia, some frog and some gastropods, shark conifer trees and some shrimp species grouped in this category.

Scientists are very concern about the rate of sixth extinction rate if the recent rate is constant then within 500 years more than 70% of all species disappear and the sixth mass extinction will be documented with the past 5 Big mass extinction.

One major problem is that some animals and/or organisms had no bone so they could not be preserved as a fossil, hence, how many species have been extinct from the recent world still we don’t know.



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