How to get a pregnant friendly job in Japan

The part-time job in Japan is very attractive and worthy. The part-time job seeker can get a job here in the Hotel restaurant, big mall, company office etc. The wedges are very depended on the time and the type of job you are doing. Usually 700-1500 Japanese yen per hour. Job time start from 7- midnight, there is a lot of preferential time to do a job. The pregnant friendly job is available in Japan.

Jobs in Pregnancy

Many people ask can a pregnant woman do a part-time job? The answer is YES!. A pregnant woman can get a job. According to the Japanese rules, a pregnant woman can get a job until 36 weeks of the pregnancy. after the 36 weeks of pregnancy, she must quit the part-time job. The wedges and other facilities all are same. In Japan, pregnant women are highly take cared of the job provider. Some company doesn’t agree to provide a part-time job for the pregnant woman because of the hard work and concerns about the heath. The pregnant friendly job in Japan is not big deal because every job provider has the extra care for the pregnant job holder.

As a Japanese people there is no limit of time length but for the foreigner, part-time job length should not be more than 28 hours/week. 

Where to go for a part-time job

In Japan, there are some company or institute they will manage you a part-time job. They have a direct link to that company and if some company need a staff then the company directly contact the Job provider company like”Hello Work“.Not only pregnant women but also for the other people they will do the same steps. The hotel premium green palace is the best example in Sendai, they will recruit the pregnant woman for the office assistant.

How to get a part time Job in Japan

  1. Create an account with your resident card at the Hello work office.
  2. Fill up your bio-data and job interest.
  3. Search for a job ( by the Hello work staff)
  4. Get an appointment
  5. Submit or send your CV with reference later provided by the Hello work staff.
  6. Go for the interview at the job office
  7. Done!

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