How to Connect PC as a Monitor without HDMI or VGA Cable (TeamViewer)

This article is very helpful for the instructor who needs to use the computer for every learner. The instructor will demonstrate in his own computer and every student will see the same PC screen as the instructor. Sometimes we need to use a different pc as a monitor. Let’s do how we can connect PC Monitor without HDMI or GVA cable. In this case, we can use Teamviewer as an app to connect. There are so many apps that can also connect your PC with another computer.

Steps are;

  1. Install the TeamViewer SetUp software on each PC you want to Connect. Download TeamViewer

    Teamviewer interface
  2. Connect your both PC with network proxy server and input the password
  3. Done!! now, you can view same pc display with your PC to other computers screen.

Download TeamViewer Softwere



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