How do you know the paleo massive soil erosion events?

Soil erosion events are the most important event to destroy the marine ecosystem. Because soil erosion can input a high amount of nutrients in the marine environments. All the Ca, Mg, Cl F, Fe, C, etc will transport to the sea and ultimately the sea water will more enriched with the nutrient. These high amounts of nutrients will increase the microbial bloom and the sea water will be the depleted of oxygen. Ultimately sea animal will die living with a oxygen-depleted sea water. So, a high amount of the soil erosion is one of the causes of the mass extinction.

Soil erosion
Fig. Soil erosion and land collapse

Permian mass extinction is thought to become by the massive soil erosion events in the past. So, Soil erosion is important to identify then we can identify the real cause of the mass extinction.

Identification of the soil erosion event;

DBF/Phe is one the ratio which indicates the soil erosion events in the past. The DBF/Phe is the proxy and is made of two different biomarkers, Dibenzofuran, and a Phenanthrene.


Dibenzofuran is derived from the tree leaves and linked with the terrestrial collapse. The increase ratio of the DBF/Phe indicates the soil erosion event.

So, using this proxy geologist can tell the paleosoil erosion events.

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