Moral Stories; Ma Rally’s Role in Promoting Child Morals

Uzzal Kumar Biswas

Moral Stories;

Napoleon said, “Give me an educated mother, I will give you a civilized and an educated nation.” Here are moral stories in the name of Ma Rally in Bangladesh. It is the time in the context of current Bangladesh’s socioeconomic background. Hero people showed their courage and patriotism in Bengalis different logical democratic movements. The implementation of standard primary education is still the gravest challenge.

Moral Stories
Moral Stories; Ma Rally In Bangladesh

           Without lighting the light of the teaching of mankind, they cannot be turned into a treasure and the country cannot reach the desired goal. There was a time when parents would learn to Gurugre or Pathshala to send their child to study. In this era of information technology, he is no longer in the state. The morality of students has erred them as a disturbingly low rate. The process of building a life with family education therefore demands time. That is why our mothers have to play a forefront role.

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              The Mother (She) will behave the way the child is taught. Because a child is in the presence of a mother most of the time so mothers have to take responsibility. Bishirvag mothers are unaware of how the right caregivers of their child can be developed as ideal people in the medium. In such circumstances, the requirements for mother gatherings at the school level are essential. Along with teachers, Mayerao understands the importance of how to turn them into a resource with the proper care of their child. To educate the nation, all those involved must take responsibility. Shikshkaganer as well as Mayerao find out whether their children went to school properly, whether they are studying, whether they are practicing properly, supplications-Naitikita are learning etc.

             Madhukhali Upazila, education officer of Faridpur District of Bangladesh, is already a very effective mother gathering to increase mother’s awareness and find out that it has already received positive results. So mothers will be more sincere about study in ensuring the brighter future of their child, and the welfare of the person, the society and the country.

Author: Uzzal Kumar Biswas

Assistant Upazila Education officer, Madhukhali, Faridpur.

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