Smell From The Car Can Cause A Cancer

Scientist identified some reasons for cancer to develop in our body. Some cancers are directly related to our lifestyle how we are living with. Some are related to our food habit we are eating every day. When we burn some food like BBQ or other food is eaten by direct burning then, some black soot produced and look like a tiny black particle. That black particle is carcinogenic to our body and thought to be the reason for cancer. There are many other reasons to develop a cancer cell in our body. If we change our lifestyle then we can prevent cancer forever.

  • Avoid inhalation of the smell of the Car Air Condition:

Those who are using a car every day, they have a high risk to develop leukemia or blood cancer. Because the researcher said, when we start a car air condition then a bad rubber-like-smell comes out just for a while. This rubber-like-smell from the car is very carcinogenic and cannot be expelled out from our body. That bad smell can cause leukemia or blood cancer.


How to the safe use of the Car Air Condition to Prevent Cancer:

To prevent cancer while using the car air condition is to open the car window for a while to go the bad rubber-like-smell out from the car. After some time the bad smell will not produce and can use the car air condition again.


  • Avoid Talking the cell phone for a long time;

The cell phone produces an electromagnetic wave. Even the people those who are living near cell phone electromagnetic transmitter station area they suffer more cancer diseases than others living far away from the transfer station (Sources; International Journal of Cancer). The overuse of cell phone can cause the brain and spine cancer. Scientist already calculated that if a man experiences an electromagnetic wave of at least 1640 hertz or 1640 hours from the cell phone use. Then, he or she has the 90% high risk to develop the brain cancer or the Spine cancer.


How to the safe use of the Cell phone to Prevent Cancer;

If we use earphone while talking with the cell phone there is no direct contact of the electromagnetic wave to penetrate to our body or brain that can prevent our brain cancer caused by the overuse of the cell phone.

Cancer is diagnosed at the end stage (3rd stage). It is difficult to cure a cancer patient. So, it is better to change your lifestyle today.

Sources; International Journal of Cancer

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