Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha and His Book: A Broken Dream: Rule of Law, Human Rights and Democracy (Downloadable)

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Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha, the former chief justice of Bangladesh, is now living in the USA with his family. He born on 1 February 1952.  He was forced by the government to resign on November 2017. Recently he published his biography as PDF format which includes the rule of Law, humanity, and democracy. Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha is from the minority group of Bangladesh (10% of the total population). Initially, he started his duty with a huge reputation last year but later, before his retirement, he became a man of a hot issue among the people.

The details of his learning and his achievements explains nicely. He includes the recent issues about his resign from the Supreme Court of Bangladesh.

The book published in Amazon.com with a selling price 10.00$ (Click to Buy)

Click to Free Download “A Broken Dream”

In his book, he mentioned about the topics are;

Table of Contents

Early Life
Struggle for his life
Judicial Reforms
Responsibilities of Chief Justice
and many more….

I have owned the book and those who are unable to purchase due to Amazon services unavailability. Here is the FREE DOWNLOADABLE Link for the book.

Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha – A Broken Dream_ Rule of Law, Human Rights and Democracy

A Broken Dream
A Broken Dream: Rule of Law, Human Rights, and Democracy Kindle Edition
by Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha (Author)


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