Married at First Sight’s Day!!

We have heard that Love at first sight! But Married at first sight?? It’s really unbelievable!! If really heart says OK, this is my life. So, the decision does not wait for someone. Marry at once. This unbelievable job completed by a USA newly couple, sociologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz, marriage counselor Pastor Calvin Roberson. 

sociologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz, marriage counselor Pastor Calvin Roberson
Sociologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz, marriage counselor Pastor Calvin Roberson

Getting married at first sight is really huge work. In spite of that hard work, they did finally. Who knows they will be happy or not. Because some people take a long time to decide to marry.  Love is predefined.

When two hearts beat together then any decision can come into light.

This not one example another nice couple married at first sight!

Danielle Bergman & Bobby Dodd married each other at first sight.

Danielle Bergman & Bobby Dodd
Danielle Bergman & Bobby Dodd Married at first sight

Married at first sight might have some uncertainty and risk to be happy in life. But happiness depends on the compromise of each other and faith. If you have faith then you will happy in life and responsibility is another thing to make you happy.

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