‘There is no God’ Stephen Hawking Wrote in His Final Book

Famous Scientist Stephen Hawking wrote in his final book before his death in March 2018 that ‘There is no God’. This is not the first time he said that postulate. Not only Stephen Hawking but also Russell Bertrand in his Book made a question ‘Is there a God’. Stephen Hawking is well known for his book ‘a brief history of time’.

Stephen_Hawking wrote in his Final Book ‘There is no God”

Tuesday, October 16, 2018, Stephen Hawking releases a posthumous book “Brief Answers to the Big Questions” In this book, he wrote that.

Stephen Hawking – Brief Answers to the Big Questions

The Content of the Book are;

Chapter 1: Is There a God?

Chapter 2: How Did It All Begin?

Chapter 3: Is There Another Intelligent Life in the Universe?

Chapter 4: Can We Predict the Future?

Chapter 5: What Is Inside a Black Hole?

Chapter 6: Is Time Travel Possible?

Chapter 7: Will We Survive on Earth?

Chapter 8: Should We Colonise Space?

Chapter 9: Will Artificial Intelligence Outsmart Us?

Chapter 10: How Do We Shape the Future?

Stephen Hawking said ‘No one directs the universe’ moreover he said the heaven is the fairy story of human afraid of the dark. In his latest and final Book, he said that the AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the Gene-editing technology can emerge the superhumans that could not be good for the human survival in this universe.

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