Gigantic Halloween Celebration in Japan

I was walking along the clis road in Sendai city. Suddenly I stopped one guy and asked his why did you wore this dress and why do you have blood pouring down throw one corners of your mouth. I was asking as like I am a baby and don’t know any thing about this costume. Then that guy replied, Today is the Halloween celebration day. Then, I thanked him and kept me busy for capturing photo of all the costumes of Halloween girls and boys. They costumed too many colorful costumes like dinosaurs, like police, Mickey Mouse, dolls, ghost, angel, pumpkin, etc. I was so, surprised to see that colorful costumes.

Halloween in Sendai Japan
Halloween in Sendai, Japan

Sendai is famous for the Halloween celebrations. Halloween in Japan is always very colorful and enjoyable festivals. Halloween in Japan stared at 1 October 2018 and the main festival started last weekend of October. Today, 31 October,  is the final and peak day of the celebrations.

In this day, all the people will meet their friend and relatives in Sendai Kokubuncho or somewhere wearing the colorful Halloween costumes and exchanges the okashi, chocolate and others. They will bug each other whoever wha ta to bug themselves and greetings each other. The adults will drinks Japanese sake, beers etc and enjoy whole night.

Halloween at Clis road in Sendai
Halloween at Clis Road in Sendai

I asked to a Young boy, why so many polices around you in this croudy premises, he replied they are just for security. Police will not disturb anyone. At 12.00 am night young girls and boys are walking, dancing, gossiping with safe and relax mode.

People are already in the bar and drinking alcoholic beverages and or soft drinks together. In the  morning people will go to office and students will go to school as a regular days. And this is the Japanese style they live here very happy and joyfully.

Some more photos;

Halloween at Clis road Sendai

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