Pictures of Dinosaur (Dino) Fossils of 1028 of The Whole Worlds Identified

Here is the collection of the pictures of dinosaur fossils of the whole world so far identified. Dinosaur Fossils

Pictures of Dinosaur Fossils;
Pictures of Dinosaur Fossils; Titanosaurus (Dinosaurs Lived in India)

The dinosaurs once lived in this world. They survived and at last, they had to extinct due to meteorite impact or some other causes. Very few dinosaurs lived in the Indian continents and the recent tropical regions. Hence, we did not find any significant dinosaurs fossil from that region. Here, you can visit the website which covers all the pictures of dinosaur throughout the world.

This is a very informative website those who love dinosaur and their fact of the extinction.

Pictures of dinosaur (Dino) fossils and the  fact;

From this website, you can search the dinosaurs who were lived in your country. That’s amusing!!

In India, the name of the dinosaurs are

  • Alwalkeria

  • Barapasaurus

  • Bruhathkayosaurus

  • Compsosuchus

  • Dandakosaurus

  • Dryptosauroides

  • Indosaurus

  • Indosuchs

  • Isisaurus

  • Jaklapallisauus

  • Jubbulpuria

  • Kotasaurus

  • Laevisuchus

  • Lametasaurus

  • Lamplughsaura

  • Nambalia

  • Rahiolisaurus

  • Rajasaurus

  • Titanosaurus

Total 19 dinosaur groups were lived in India. The dinosaurs lived Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous period in the earth history.

The world is doing extensive work on dinosaurs recently. In Bangladesh, and another in Asian country also lack the dinosaurs fossils because;

  1. Actually, no dinosaurs were lived in that region
  2. No preserved fossil in that country (if any dinosaurs really lived)
  3. The age of the sedimentary rock says the deposited rocks were far later than the dinosaurs lived

Why in Europe and other country have the dinosaur f0ssils?

Because the sedimentary rock succession was well preserved and unaltered in that region to find the actual fossils of the dinosaurs.

The age of the rock in Europe and America and Africa ranges from the oldest Precambrian to the Cenozoic era. Hence,  all the events were recorded in the sedimentary rocks.

How many Dino (dinosaur)’s so far Identified?

This is a very big question because still paleontologist is searching for the a dinosaur’s fossil from anywhere in the world. In this website, You can learn about 1028 pictures of dinosaur fossils and the fact.



The dinosaur of Baryonyx from Europe

Visit worlds 1028 Dinosaurs Fact Pictures

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