Part Time Jobs Near Me for Administrative Assistant

Part Time Jobs Near Me: Global Learning Center (GLC) Administrative Assistant (AA) Recruitment for the 2019 Academic Year

part time jobs near me
Part-time jobs near me at Tohoku University


The Administrative Assistant program employs students who strongly wish to contribute to internationalization at Tohoku University as Administrative Assistants (hereafter AAs). By having AAs assist instructors with a variety of tasks related to internationalization, the program aims to create global human resources with professional experience.


  1. Students who are enrolled, or are scheduled to be enrolled by April 1, 2019, as degree students at this university and meet the following requirements are eligible:
  2. Have some kind of overseas experience, or experience with international exchange
  3. Have Japanese and English language skills sufficient for everyday conversation
  4. Are able to perform basic office tasks with MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  5. Feel responsible for their work while employed


About 20


  1. Work at the International Student Support Desk
  2. Perform ambassadorial tasks (e.g. assist foreign guests)
  3. Assist international students (e.g. help incoming international students adjust to daily life)
  4. Help with short-term (e.g. summer) programs
  5. Help with symposiums and events (e.g. assist with international exchange events, data entry etc.)
  6. Perform other tasks, as requested by the GLC or Student Exchange Division


  1. There will be a screening of the application documents followed by interviews to select AAs. Note: Applicants who pass the document screening will be informed of the details of the interview by January 11 (Fri.). Interviews are tentatively scheduled for January 15 (Tue.) or 17 (Thu.). Applicants will be notified by email of their interview results in late January.


  1. AAs will be employed as Temporary Part-time Staff as per Article 2 of the National University Corporation Tohoku University Temporary Part-time Staff Regulations (2004, Reg. No. 49).
  2. Duration
  3. The duration of employment is as follows (however, hiring procedures are conducted each academic year): February 1 to November 30, 2019 (may be renewed for additional 6-month periods, from December 1, 2019 to May 31, 2020, or to November 30, 2020)




  1. AAs will be paid in accordance with Tohoku University’s regulations on compensation. (JPY 900-1060/hour, depending on enrollment classification)

Work Schedule

  1. About two shifts/week for 3 hours/shift for duty (1) above. Shifts will be adjusted about every 6 months.


  1. (2)-(6) above are variable. In general, AAs will work several hours during weekdays between 9:00 and 17:00. Total work hours per week or month and amount of work will vary depending on the time of year. Note: AAs who also work for other Tohoku University programs (as TAs, RAs, etc.) must ensure that they do not exceed 30 hours of work total, including AA duties, per week.


  1. (1) Kawauchi Kita Campus, Education, and Student Support Center, East Bld. 2F
  2. (2) West Bld. 3F, Student Advising Room, or another on-campus facility

Download The Job Poster

Contact for this Job;

Date: December 17 / December 20
Time: 12:10-12:50
Venue:4th Floor, East Building of Education and Student Support Center
(Advanced reservation is not required)

If you have any questions, please contact:

GLC Assoc.Prof. WATANABE, Rumi
Email: rumi.watanabe.c5[atmark]

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