Earn Money Online; Earn 500 Dollar/Month From Home

Read the  secret tips on how to earn money online

Earn Money Online
Earn Money Online

There are many ways to earn money online. Do you really want to earn money from home? Ok, this article is for you. I guarantee you to earn money at least 500 dollars each month.

Can you calculate? 500 dollar means a complete living expense for you. Any country you are from its no matter. Your market and limit of earning is the sky. Do you have free time each day 2- 3 hours?

Ok, That’s enough. Let’s start how to earn money online?  Here is a step by step guide for you.


Step1; Open a free account on  Fiverr;

Fiverr is a platform for a huge job opportunity to get hired by the worlds renowned businessman or the clients. They are waiting for you to give you the just you need to be skilled. So, decide what do you like most to do. If you don’t have any skilled then watch free youtube on that topics and learn every day. At the same time continue your Fiverr account.

Step 2; Complete your Fiverr Profile based on your expertize

If you are good at e-commerce, like creating a new online store on Shopify, Woocommerce, etc then set up your profile based on that.

Step 3; Create a Gig for your portfolio

The gig is the very important and gate of your dollar flow to your Fiverr wallet. So, your gig should be very nicely organized like, What are you offering to the Client? what is your expert on?  How do you finish the project? When you can finish? and the best services you will offer in the gig description.

A gig contains

Title; A good title contains a key work of your expertize

Description; Start with the greeting and explain of your offer to the buyer of this project what will you offer and a deadline

Price; Set up the gig Price like $5 or more depends on your quality and type of work and time required.

Requirements from Buyer; Any login details or any instruction you need from the buyer before starting a job.

Gallery; Your previous work photo or image. You can upload your work video here.

Tips for the success in Fiverr;

  1. Stay live in your account that means always open your service time. Because most of the time buyer search and offer the jobs to them who are live and can respond in their message and  Don’t worry if you are new because buyer also searches for the new seller on Fiverr. New seller does not mean a low-quality job they can.
  2. So, don’t be upset and stay connected and you will get your first job on Fiverr.





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