First American started living 15000 Years ago; Mitochondrial DNA Test Claimed

First American in the United States of America still in intense debate. The geologist claimed that ” the first people in the USA reached through Alaska from Asia. The First human evolved from central Africa. Then, they moved to Europe then Asia. The First American was moved to the USA after the Last Glacial Maxima (LGM). The first Firms is evidenced after the LGM and is around 15000-14000 years ago. These sites include in the Meadowcroft  Rock shelter and cactus hill sites in the United States and Chile. There is good preservation of the earliest human stuff in the USA used like Wooden frame, huts, medical plants and the earliest evidence of using potatoes.

The Fossil skull called “Luzia” from Brazil about 13000 years ago and a skeleton from the Washington which is around 9000 years ago. The previous evidence suggests that the colonization of American in the American continent was before the Last Glacial Maxima. But Recent Mitochondrial DNA supports the evidence to expand the early American after the  LGM around the 15000 years.

Geologist believes that during and after the LGM the Large ice shet of the northern hemisphere made a corridor to enter to the American continents through the Bering land bridge.

The Bering Land Bridge was the only gateway to enter to the USA by the firstam. Because these ice sheet did not meet each other and the first American choose that ice-covered track for their new life.

Evidence of the first American:

Arch Lake Woman:

She was found around 10000 years ago in New Mexico. Her body was covered with red ocher in the grave.

American Extinction:

During the ice age around 30000 years ago, the Americas were the home of many species like saber-tooth cat and mammoths, mastodons and giant sloth. But around 13000 years ago, all the animals were disappearing or extinct. Some geologist says the early American may hunting that animals or some other asteroids impact may cause the disappearance of those animals.

First american
Routes into Americas






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