What do geologists do and How to Be a Millionaire

What do geologists do and How to Be a Millionaire?

This is the big question for all the geologist. How we can be a millionaire studying geology. Geology is a hard subject and interesting too.  Geology includes all major science like Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, Physics,  Mathematics GIS and Remote Sensing, Technology and of course field excursion. Those who love to traveling geology is for them to study.

How Geologist can be a Millionaire?

After completing the degree or even during the study geologist have a huge opportunity to visit the mountain top, volcanic crater lake, Riverside etc. The mountains made of rocks and minerals. Some Precious minerals like Amethyst, Quartz, Topaz and many colorful Gem Mineral can be a great choice to find out from the mountain top during the field trip.  Collect and sale them. Its completely free and Become a millionaire.  Some big size Amethyst can be worth of  500-1000 dollars or more. The price depends on the purity and the content of impurity of that minerals.

Be a Gold Minner:

After studying the geophysical methods like resistivity method, gravity method. etc to search the underground resources in your area.  If you find a gold mine why not to start to mine them with the local people as your supporter. Some country like Indonesian geologist they are gaining huge money selling the gold excavated from their village. Zava island, Indonesia, is the best example of that. Find your investor to manage the exploration and mining cost.

Find Rare fossil:

When you go for the field trip with your teacher. Try to find a rare and prehistoric fossil, fossil fragments, teeth etc. The teeth of dinosaur are much worthy. the small shark teeth can be a good worth fossil in your museum oriented shopping mall. The fossil of mollusk, bivalve of Cenozoic to Paleozoic Era are the best worthy fossil to all.

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