What is sedimentary rock

What is sedimentary rock

Sedimentary rocks are the most abundant material on our surface it can form by fragmentation of igneous rocks.

The beginning of the formation of sedimentary rocks start from the fragmentation of igneous rocks. When the igneous rocks are  fragmented then it form some grains that grains is then transported by water wind or some other transported medium  and deposited to a place and then gradually by the compaction and some other compacted processes and temperature and pressure  it becomes sedimentary rock.

Sedimentary rock can be classified in many ways depends on the particle size, the process of formation, etc.

Broadly the sedimentary rocks are mainly mudstone, sandstone shale carbonate rocks that is limestone and Dolomites.


is mainly lake deposited sedimentary rock and are very fine grain rocks compacted by temperature and pressure.


is mainly very, very, laminated and marine deposited sedimentary rock. it usually contains fossils and generally, the colour is black.

The carbonate

rock can be classified into two types limestone and dolomite.

Limestone contains more than 90% calcite.

There are many types of sedimentary rock.  Wakestone, packstone, siltstone, sandstone, etc.

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