How to get scholarship in Tohoku university Japan

 How to get scholarship in tohoku university Japan

Scholarships in Japan is not a big deal. you don’t need any English language Test.  If you have been IELTS score then it’s your plus point. you can apply for the scholarship in Japan specially Tohoku university.

Your first job is to find a professor in your discipline  where you want to study. email to your professor and explain your interest to study with him.  in Japan professor are very busy sometimes they don’t reply to your email in that case you don’t need to be very worried because if the professor think  your application is very interesting and realistic then you can get a reply from the professor. one important thing is that  for the first time he doesn’t reply, email him again because sometimes your email goes to spam folder so email again until you get the reply from the professor.

Japanese professor are very kind they will help you as much as they can. they will be very happy to study with you so don’t be worry and  stay connected with the professor. if one professor doesn’t reply then email to another  professor. never give up to get your scholarship. in Japan many scholarship program are in University sometimes professor will give  you some idea about a scholarship program for you to apply. in Tohoku university, there is a program  named IGPAS. this program is for PhD and Masters leading program. recently this program is somewhat competitive  because last few years ago the total number of applicant for this program has been reduced so it makes the competition high.

 When programs Start

Every year from October 1, this program start to get application from the applicant throughout the world. so remember this date and  before this date tried to contact with a professor to study with get agreement  to be your supervisor then You can apply in that program for the masters leading to PhD program for five years

You can apply in that program for the masters leading to PhD program for five years.

 Who can apply

This program is designed for science, engineering, pharmaceutical science, mathematics, chemistry, astrology, and some other science discipline.

This program belongs to the Japan government MEXT scholarship. Every month you will get ¥146000 Japanese yen for living. Tuitions is free.

 What do you need to email the professor

you will need

complete CV

your research proposal ( optional)

your result of  Previous study

The first communication in the email should be very attractive and eye-catching.

you should mention the professor name in the heading , be specific, step by step what you are looking for and what do you want to say. if professor have some scope then he will reply to the email very soon. and then time to time Japanese professor will guide you what to do next.

in this way you can continue your communication and finally you will get the scholarship  for that program. Here is the program details


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