Black Hole Picture is Taken at Last

Black hole
Picture of Blackhole

Black Hole picture captured!!!

At last, the dream come true scientists have taken the Black Hole picture today. The black hole is the region of space in which no object even no light can escape. It has so intense gravity that light cannot passes through it. The scientist recently captured an image of a black hole from the distant galaxy of M87. Scientist believed that it is possible to capture the image of a black hole and the dream come true at least. A group of astronomers and scientist started a project in which total eight giant telescopes throughout the world placed in highest elevation like mountain peak to make it as a whole planet size telescope dishes to capture the radio frequency generated from the black hole and its nearby ring of fire. The ring of fire is brighter than the billions of stars.

What is Black Hole?

It is actually not the empty space as its name but an intense densely concentrated mass squeezed in a single point which makes the black hole immense gravitational attraction which cannot escape any object interacted with the black hole.  The astronomers finally captured the picture of a black hole this is the biggest discovery related to the research.

How was the Project Cost to Capture the Picture of Black Hole?

This project was worth of 34,000,000 pound project to capture a picture of a black hole. Scientist thought only the biggest telescope network can detect the regular frequency generated from the black hole hence they apply for a project to make is a giant network around the globe look like a planet size of telescope dishes and after 10 days they capture a picture of million times bigger than our planet earth. This discovery Once again proofs the Theories of Einstein.

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