How to Organized a Science Research Seminar in Your School or Department

Kunio Kaiho
Professor Kunio Kaiho Presenting a  Science Research Seminar at Tohoku University

Science research seminarScience research seminar is very essential for a developing nation. Every faculty members need to do research not only for his/her future career. Scientific research can develop and progress in a country. So, every faculty members should initiate his or her own research. How to do a science research seminar in your faculty as a responsible person to develop your country for increasing scientific research?

How to Organized a Science Research Seminar in Your School or Department

Here are the tips.

Actions Need to do for the faculty member:

Take a decision to start a seminar every week on a specific day that means the research paper presentation seminar will be held 4 times a month. Make a seminar organization comity. The comity member includes a teacher and other high grades students. The students should be chosen based on the rotation in combination with different grades of students.

The Role of weekly science research seminar comity members:

  • Call for a seminar every week either by sending email to all students or by hanging a poster in notice board.
  • Set the numbers of presenters in a week, as an example, it can be 4 students with a 45 to 60 minutes-long presentations for each.
  • Conduct the seminar like counting time for a presenter, preparing the seminar room, etc.
  • Hit the bell just before the 15 minutes of the presentation finished.
  • Collect the evaluation sheet from the audience/students to evaluate the presenters.

Role of presenters:

  • Choose a research paper to present in a weekly scientific seminar.
  • Deliver the presentation and discuss the topics with the question and answer session at the end of the presentation.


Start and organize a science research seminar to develop and progress your scientific work. Only Scientific research can progress a nation. Without scientific research, a nation must be falling behind and can not be a developed nation. All the extreme fundamentalism ideology and rituals may flourish within the country which is bad for all human being.

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