Bangla new year will be celebrated tomorrow in Japan

Bangle New Year
File Photo; Bangla New Year 1425, Preparing Cake
Bangle New Year
File Photo; Bangla New Year 1425, Gossiping


Bangle New Year
File Photo; Bangla New Year 1425, File Photo; Preparing Gossiping and Playing


Bangle New Year
File Photo; Bangla New Year 1425, Srabonti

Bangla new year 1426 will be celebrated tomorrow in Japan.  In Bangladesh and West Bengal of India will celebrate tomorrow as a new Bengali calendar year 1426. Bengali new year is a very special part those people at the same time the immigrants living in Japan will also celebrate this day special day. The first day of Bengali new year is called Pohela Boishakh.

How to celebrate?

The daylong program having Bengali special food called Panta  Ilish will be served the people will enjoy this special food in the morning. This is the culture to celebrate the day and in the afternoon many programs like a kids game, drawing competition, singing, dancing with the traditional costume. The people will wear a special dress Punjabi.  Men and women will wear the dresses with the color matching with the Bangladesh National flag-color green and red some are white and red. Many types of cake will be served called pitha. All day will be an enjoyable day tomorrow.

Immigrants living in Sendai, Japan of around 150 families. Bangladeshi immigrants are living here they are, student, some employees, company owner,  and many other professionals gathered together in the international center, Sanjo-1, Kaikan loby. There will celebrate the day with a colorful and dress and delicious foods. The program will start with the chorus song eso he boishakh eso eso.

How to Prepare Food;

Food is prepared with sharing by everyone cooked in their own home. The amount and the type of dishes are allocated among the people and then they bring the food like fried ilish, rice, cake, etc.

The last year 1425, the day was celebrated very colorfully and many Bangladeshi immigrants were attended there.

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