Type of death makes a man famous like Socrates

SocratesSuccessful death can make you ever remembered people in the world. From born to die, we are working for a successful life but we don’t know how can we make our life successful? Only the successful death make you remembered among the people. The people can die in many ways but when people are died by some circumstances that are in favor of his country or have some great value for the people. In this condition, your death will be remembered forever.

We are working hard every day to success in our life but we don’t know how the world will remember us. Because to remember all the time you have to work a great great job that is very good for mankind.

Socrates was one of the most remembered and respected philosophers in the world. He was mainly famous for his tremendous interest to gain knowledge and to distribute this acquired knowledge to society. The death of Socrates made him famous doubled. Because, if the death of Socrates wasn’t that like then the popularity of Socrates was not spread out much. Today, the whole world knows about Socrates that he was killed by some illegal ruler of the society giving him a hemlock poison. This type of condition of death made Socrates more famous than his work.  He was the only man to be interested to acquire knowledge so deeply and so passionately we never have seen.  Some people die by a road accident, some are by natural hazard and some people die from diseases and some people die in a national movement for the sake of the country.

Among the depth what type of death is more famous? You can easily get is that even an illiterate people who are killed by a gunshot from the police and that shoot to death will make him famous.  On the other hand, a social activist who did good deeds for society throughout the life if he/she died from natural hazard and if he is missing somehow then he will not be remembered because he’s dead grasp everything, every good deed forever.  The type of death makes a man famous.

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