Chanakya Neeti’s for Better and Happiest Life

ChanakyaFor the welfare of the society, I will tell only those things by which the individual may get the total knowledge

 Acharya Chanakya

  1. Preaching a dull pupil and supporting a wicked woman will result in unhappiness even to a wise person) associating oneself with such persons will only cause sorrow.

  2. Wicked wife, deceitful friend, impolite servant and the snake-infested house may become a cause of death. There is no doubt about it. A wise man should always avoid such type of company at any cost.

  3. One must save his money and wealth for bad days and also protect his wife more than money. But to himself, one should sacrifice both money and wife of oneself is the most important in any condition.

  4. One must save money for his bad days. The movements of the Goddess of wealth (Lakshmi) are unpredictable. Even the accumulated wealth can’t be destroyed in no time. But it does not mean that one should not save money. He should always be careful about money.

  5. One shouldn’t live in a place where one may not get any respect, where he has no means of earning his livelihood, where one may not have any near relation living there already and where there may not be any chance of acquiring knowledge. Chance of one’s progress is possible if the above conditions exist.

  6. One should not stay even for a single day where there are none of these fine facilities are available;
  1. Wealthy merchants
  2. Learned scholars
  3. An able and just king
  4. Good physicians
  5. And rivers for the supply of  safe water

These five things are necessary for the upliftment of the country and society.

Some more Chanakya Neeti

  • One should not live in a place where there is a possibility of livelihood, people are devoid of fear, there is no feeling of living in shame, charity and others magnanimity. In these lines, Chanakya has stressed upon five important factors of a progressive society.

  • Chanakya has established here the tests for the dear ones. A servant is tested when he does his duty diligently, the relatives are tested in on distress and a friend is tested at the hour of need or emergency and the wife is tested when one becomes poor.

  • A real friend is one who on the face of a grave crisis, famine, threat, of an enemy and in the court of the king or in the mourning stands by one’s side. According to Chanakya, these are the qualities of a real friend.

  • One who forgoes the certainties and runs after the illusions looses even the certain. The uncertainties are destroyed on their own. And in the end one is left with nothing at all. According to Chanakya, it is never good to chase the uncertain. In short one in hand is better than the two in the bush.

  • A wise man is he who does not hesitate to marry an ugly looking girl if she is of a reputed family. He should marry a girl of an unreputed family even though she may be extraordinarily beautiful. A matrimonial alliance between families of equal status are always preferable.

  • River, a man in the arm, animals with long paws and horns, women and the members of the royal family should never be taken for granted. Those who do not follow these principles suffer adverse consequences.

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