Night life at Sendai Japan

Night life at Sendai JapanNight life at Sendai Japan Yesterday I had to return  from my school at night because now I am very busy for my study and on the way I have seen some interesting scenario I will told  you.Night life at Sendai Japan

The  time is 12AM. And I have seen a drunk old man was walking on the road. He cannot walk smoothly.

This is very common in Japan. To be drunk just before the weekend and the people in Japan they are really enjoying these two days. They’re drunk people, they go to bar, they dance with girls talk and many things they do.  The Japanese government allows those things because here in Japan all are permitted by the Japanese government. So people work hard and drunk a lot at the weekend. There is no restriction between gender of men and women together they can drink. On the way they are very safe to reach their house. Sometimes people in a drunk stage they cannot move even then police come and help them to bring them in their house.  Drinking alcohol in Japan is very safe, relax, freedom, cheap and available. Everywhere even small shop there is a alcohol can. People can buy just paying some money.

If people want to talk with a girl very beautiful girl then people usually go to the bar. Bar in Japan is permitted by the government so people can stay overnight there and enjoy the night with the talking drinking even sometimes  dancing.

Kokubancho in Sendai Japan is the most busy place because there many bars are located.

Even though too much bars and many relax staffs, the people are very caring about their job in the next morning. They will go to the office in the right time. Japanese are very sincere about the time. They never delay in the office.

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