Shopping at the discount store Get iPhone 6s free

Clips read at Sendai, Japan

Japan is best for the latest design and fashion. We have visited a big shopping mall called AEON is now giving some discount at the clothing store. Aeon has multiple fashions and apparel stores. Very close to AEON we also visited another shopping mall named Labi for purchasing a smartphone. We got free coupons card worth of 30000 Japanese yen that can be used as an equivalent of real money to buy anything. We decided to buy a smartphone of Asus brand with a price of 11800 Japanese yen each with that coupon card. An iPhone 6s is free in that new phone contracts. We can cancel any time with a penalty of 10000 Japanese yen. Data use charge is 3000 Japanese yen/ month. This facility can be achieved in the Labi 2nd floor at the Y-mobile corner. This is the lucky campaign by the Y- mobile company here in Sendai, Japan. To get this package you need only a bank ATM card, no credit card is required even no cash at the time of purchase of iPhone 6s. If you are new in Japan then you can get this lucky package for a new phone contract.  Japanese salesmen are mostly female at the counter. You can get tremendous help even you don’t know the Japanese language.

In Sendai, everyone goes out to get relax and enjoy the weekend having beers and various entertainment. All the streets are full of people of teen girls and old ages too. Family members with kids are enjoying in the Game Center and restaurants.

Japanese are very caring in all sectors. Hence they are successful. They are fine and skilled in microtechnology. So the Japanese watch is world-class. They work like a lion. Lion attacks with its full strength. Same as Japanese. They work more carefully even any small job.

We have learned many things from Japan. We need to utilize that in our own life.

Mega discount at AEON
Entertaining at outdoor at the weekend
Got 30000 thousand yen coupon free

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