Tips to get scholarships in Japan

To get  scholarships in Japan is not so difficult job once you mentally set up your destination for higher study is in Japan.  Let’s talk details.

At first you have to mentally prepare to study in Japan. As a country, Japan is very good country and very systematic country everywhere. You can pass your life here very smoothly but when you start to living you have to maintain everything like utility bills every day communication medium and strictly follow the Japanese rules and regulations only then you can smoothly and happily pass your Japan life. In Japan many world class university are here. In Miyagi prefecture, there is a very good university called Tōhoku university this university is the third best university in Japan here you can study in science, geology, pharmaceuticals, engineering, arts, business most of the discipline you can study here. If you decide to study for masters or PhD degree Japan is the best. The living cost here also very reasonable.

What do you need before Apply in Japan

At first prepare your all certificates and all the certificates must be English translated, you have  to manage some recommendation letter from your university teacher and if you have some English proficiency certificate it’s a good otherwise you have to collect one English proficiency certificate or it can be alternative with your medium of instruction is English. If you really study in English medium in your university life in your home country.

These are the documents you have to prepare before apply to any university here in Japan.

Where and how  to Apply

There are many universities in Japan.

When we should apply

Every year in October, there is a online preliminary application they ask for to apply and the name of the program is IGPAS. This program is a covered with MEXT scholarship and stipend every month is 147,000 Japanese yen

Before Apply in this program you have to manage a supervisors agreement here in university and in your department in which you want to apply. After getting the consent of the professor you can apply in that program and after it is screening process you will be notified whether your application has been granted in this program you can apply for the Masters or  PhD program. The minimum requirement is 14 years of academic study in your home country and age should be 35 Years. Here  is the link of that IGPAS program.

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