Do one thing to success in Life

Gary KellerNever do many things, only one thing can make you very happy in your life. Never concentrated too many things to do because you cannot catch two rabbits at a time but you will miss both of them. Another word is like this, don’t ride on two board with your two legs. Thus, the moral is like this if you try to concentrate on many things you will never be genius but very little knowledge many topics. So, this is just called Jack of all trades but master of none. The solution is like this to be famous and to be remembered by the world you have to concentrate on one job only. Then it will bring success in your own field.
How to choose the best topics to concentrate on one topic is the most important question in everyone’s life because to identify your best and favorable job work brings you to success. If you get the answer, decide to start and focus on the job,
We’re most of the time fails to reach the goal or target because of lack of concentration. This is why be a master of one thing never be an average class people in many things. Only expertise can solve the problem of a specific job.
The world is full of competition so to survive you must be a genius of a specific job. The job will be your own passionable job only then you will work all day long.
Try to find your passion for a job first. Then go for the master of it.
Life is a race. It begins with the competition. Defeating the millions of sperm now you are here. So continue this competition. Defeat others or Die. So, You Must be the genius. Average class People have no Position but they move by rolling.
So. Focus on one thing Just one thing. Never do many things at a time. Never, read books while doing another job.
Never Think two different topics at a time, but concentrate only one.
Never, Keep two different topics in your head at the same time while you are working but think deeply only one job.
Listen with a deep concentration of a topic and do accordingly.  So, Do only One thing at a time.
Success is yours.
Success will follow you. You don’t need to run for success.
So, At the very beginning find your own passionable job. Then Focus Focus And Focus and Do that Job Only.

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