Phenanthrene D; How to identify in the Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrum

Problem; How to identify Phenanthrene D in the Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrum


How are you

Fine, Thank you.

Sensei said to count Phenanthrene D. Get area values of phenanthrene D, then get ng/g data of PAHs (F1b+2).

Don’t worry

This is just a process

Phenanthrene D and Phenanthrene is it same m/z ??

No, it isn’t


Please inform me the M/z of Phenanthrene D I am also searching on the web.

It’s very simple not  difficult at all.

Please look at your std measurements chromatogram data


There is a peak of that Phenanthrene D in the chromatogram.

But in the spectrum data, I found two peaks of the standard sample at m/z 66, for the first peak m/w is 356 and 2nd has m/w  388 for C22D46 and C24D50 respectively.

If I remember correctly, it’s m/z is close to Phenanthrene.

You must have 3 peaks in your std, must not you?

Send me a picture of the TIC chromatogram of the std

No, this Picture is EIC

Don’t send EIC

Send TIC


I  have found a peak for m/z 188?

Is the Phenanthrene D have the m/z 188??

Which peak is it?

Check out the peak around 12min

Yes, that peak elutes in 12.5 min

This peak

What time does Phenanthrene D elute?

In 12.44 min

Then m/z; 188, that peak, must be Phenanthrene D

Ok great but if I extracted by the EIC then area value reduced why??

but the pattern is the same.

Because it’s not TIC. For details, Check the difference between TIC and EIC on Google.


What is an abbreviation for tic and EIC?

TIC total ion chromatogram

and EIC means Extracted Ion Chromatogram


EIC can be said partial IC

Tic is total ic

ok nice

Total includes partial

thanks a lot

So, Finally, m/z;188 is the Phenanthrene D if we extract whatever EIC or TOC and is very close to Phenanthrene.

Note; Phenanthrene elutes at m/z; 178 and Retention time is 12.4 min in the GC chromatogram.

Formula: C14H10

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