Part-time job in Japan

Part-time job in JapanOnce you know the Japanese language it’s very easy to get a part-time job in Japan. Most of the foreign people get a part-time job just after arriving in Japan. Most of the Japanese company wants to know the Japanese language level. If you can communicate in Japanese, then it’s very easy to get a part-time job here in Japan. There are many options to do a part-time job in a restaurant, in a shopping mall, and departmental store, in the grocery shop even in the big company people are hired by the Japanese company owner.  The general wedge is 800-1000 Japanese yen every hour. Working time depends on the company‘s requirement from morning to night, at night, generally, the wage is very high which is up to 1400 Japanese yen. Every hour the salary will be calculated based on the working hour done by every month and some other facilities like house rent transportation fee also given by the company owner and in that way total salary will be calculated if you are graduated then you will be honored by the company and you will get better job than an entry-level people.

Working environment

In Japan the working environment is very responsible you have to maintain exact time every day and this is one of the prime criteria for the performance otherwise it will be noticed several times. Having trust your job is very important to get a promotion to a higher level with a high standard salary and other benefits. Japanese people never allowed to be late in your schedule to give the highest performance.

You have to work with full concentration during your job time.

How much can you earn?

It completely depends on y our effort. Generally, for the foreigner you cannot work more than 28 hours a week. If you work more than 28 hours/week then you have to pay the govt text based on the earning per year. Though it is good to work more and pay the tax. But, remember, the company try to stop up to 28 hours/ week.

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