Disaster eBook

Disaster EBook

All the best Disaster and hazard related e Book

Never Miss our collection for you. Learn disaster and how to mitigate save the people.

Disaster Hand Book

The Full Book Lists. Disaster Hand Book 2

Disaster Hand Book Blue

The Full Book Lists. Disaster Hand Book Blue

Disaster Hand Book if occur

Disaster Hand Book if occur


Book name; Disaster Risk Reduction Approaches in Bangladesh
Author; Rajib Shaw
Pages; 367
Publisher; Springer Japan (2013)


Book Name; Post-disaster reconstruction of the built environment  rebuilding for resilience
Author; Dilanthi Amaratunga_ Richard Haigh
Pages; 337
Publisher; Wiley-Blackwell


Book name; Volcano & Earthquake
Author; Susanna van Rose
Pages; 76


Book Name; [The Hazardous Earth]-Earthquakes_ Plate Tectonics and Earthquake Hazards
Author; Timothy M. Kusky
Pages; 192



Book Name; Plate tectonics _ how it works
Author; Allan Cox_ Robert Brian Hart
Pages; 41
Publisher; Blackwell Scientific Publications

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