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Earth Sciences

Earth science covers all area of surfaces processes, whether climate, ocean, landform landslides, earthquake etc.

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Geology is the vast area of study. it covers volcanic eruption, rocks, and minerals, groundwater, stratigraphy mining etc.

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GCMSMS Machine


A biomarker is a molecular fossil comes from the break down of the lipid after the diagenesis and catagenesis of the rocks. Biomarker help us to explore the paleoenvironment history of the earth

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Hazard and Disaster

Hazard and disaster are the most recent multidisciplinary area of study. Hazard does not do any harm or property loss until it turns into a disaster. Some disaster we can not eliminate but we need to mitigate from that disaster.

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Mass Extinction

Mass extinction is the most interesting study topics because we are now facing to sixth mass extinction. In the earth history. Earth already experienced 5 times big extinction.

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OM and As Contamination

Geochemistry and Isotope

geochemistry and isotope are the two different branch of study. Geochemistry tells why the rocks and minerals have so many varieties of beautiful color and how the gems stone form. Isotope geochemistry helps to tell the age of the rocks.

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Lesson 1. What is Lava Boat?

Lesson 2. How To Calculate Total Organic Carbon (TOC) From The Rocks

Lesson 3. Define Rocks and Minerals

Lesson 4. What is Natural Gas?

Lesson 5. How to calculate the cell size under the microscopic fossil study?


 Lesson 1. What is coal type Hopane and What the Paleo-environments it tells us?

lesson 2. What is a Biomarker or Geo chemical fossil?

Lesson 3. Biomarker proxies and their environmental Interpretation.

Lesson 4. Complete methodology of the Biomarker research.

Lesson 5. Importance of Biomarker to identify the paleoenvironmental history.

lesson 6. What is Kovats Indices?

Mass Extinction lesson

1. What is mass extinction?

lesson 2. Causes of Mass extinction (A-Z)

Lesson 3. Causes of Permian mass extinction based on the Biomarker study

Lesson 4. Reason for the Permian Mass extinction.

Lesson 5. What is the Late Devonian mass extinction?

Learn From Youtube lecture

Learning through watching is the best way to learn. Our instructor will teach you the geology and other topics through youtube. Watch and learn.

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